A H A Held the 40th Anniversary Award-winning Essay Commendation Conference


On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of its founding, AHA held a prize-winning essay contest themed "Forty Years of Hard Work, Perseverance and Commitment to a New Journey". The event has received positive responses and active participation from employees. A total of 33 authors submitted a call for papers to the 40th Anniversary Document Editing Working Group. There are various forms of essay writing, including narrative essays, poetry and lyrical prose. After the selection of relevant experts and senior editors of Anhui Huishang Media Co., Ltd. and the review of the working group, the winners of each award have been determined.



On September 20, AHA grandly held the commendation meeting for the 40th Anniversary Award-winning Essay Commendation Conference. Thirty-three authors, company executives, and heads of departments attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Vice President Wang Yunfeng. The conference kicked off with the video of the winner Chen Zhonghua's poem "The Wind Continues to Blow".



First of all, Wang Yunfeng, vice president of AHA, read out the commendation decision and the list of winners. 2 authors Huang Guangming and Bao Wenhui won the first prize, 4 authors including Zhu Qiufen won the second prize, 9 authors including Wang Xiongfei won the third prize, and 18 authors including Ding Ding won the Excellence Award. The winning works recorded the company's struggle and the wonderful life of the employees from different angles, expressed the employees' deep feelings for the company and colleagues, and expressed their good expectations and best wishes for the company's future.




Afterwards, AHA held an award ceremony. Chairman Liang Qing and Vice President Yu Lingmin and other senior executives presented honorary certificates and awards to the winners respectively. Representatives of the winners, Huang Guangming, Bao Wenhui, Li Wenzheng, Luo Qiuhong, Jiang Yan, Chen Jun, and Xu Jialin respectively came to the stage to talk about their creative experience. He (she) talked about the company's reform and development process, personal growth and entrepreneurial experience from the aspects of topic selection, creative ideas, creative materials, etc., and expressed gratitude, gratitude and gratitude to the company. Hopes and wishes for a beautiful AHA.



Finally, Chairman Liang Qing extended warm congratulations to the winners and heartfelt thanks to the writers for their hard work.  Chairman Liang pointed out that it is generation after generation of entrepreneurs and guardians, who are fearless and forge ahead and have made AHA today, the career of AHA people, and the happy life of AHA people. This spirit, this emotion, and this achievement are fully reflected in the 33 essays. The authors' deep affection for the company and earnest care for their colleagues will become the driving force for the company to move forward and the strength for employees to forge ahead. Struggle achieves brilliance, innovation achieves excellence. AHA people continue to forge ahead, which will surely make AHA grow steadily and become a respected enterprise that makes employees and customers more outstanding and continuous innovation.



The commendation ceremony came to an end with loud singing.