Multiple Uses of Nitrile Gloves


Disposable nitrile glove is a kind of glove we often use in our life, but many people don't know that nitrile gloves have multiple uses. Today, we want to introduce some usage scenarios of disposable nitrile gloves.

1. Catering Industry

The Nitrile glove has good oil resistance and acid and alkali resistance. It can protect our hands from irritation and can also effectively isolate the contamination of food by hand bacteria when we are in contact with foods with high-fat content or acid and alkaline foods. AHA's nitrile gloves have a substance migration test certificate issued by the professional testing Authority. Customers in the catering industry who buy these gloves can safely touch food.

2. Automotive Industry 

Disposable nitrile gloves serve as a barrier between the hands and the outside world. During auto repair operations, they can effectively isolate the hands from rough parts, paint and other organic solvents, and protect the hands of the auto mechanic from being damaged. Secondly, the unique design of the textured fingertips can enhance the hand's friction and grip, so that the auto mechanic can work more efficiently.

3. Animal Care 

Animals can carry a variety of zoonotic pathogens, including parasites, fungi, viruses, etc. These pathogens can not only make pets sick but can also spread to people and cause sickness. Therefore, whether in a pet hospital or an animal farm, we should wear disposable gloves for isolation and protection when in contact with animals.

4. Tattoo Industry

Nitrile gloves are ergonomically designed to fit the hand shape, with textured fingertips, which can improve grip and improve handling, ensuring flexibility while reducing direct contact with the customer's skin, preventing the crossover of blood-borne diseases Infect. The black nitrile gloves are in line with the low-key and deep temperament of the tattoo artists, and can also highlight the professionalism of the tattoo artists.

5. Chemical Experiment

Laboratory staff will often contact various corrosive chemicals and biological substances that carry germs. Disposable nitrile gloves have good chemical resistance isolation and protection functions, which are an essential tool for laboratory staff.